Julian Barnes

Born in Leicester but a Londoner from six weeks of age, Julian Barnes has been shortlisted for the Booker Prize three times (for: Flaubert’s Parrot, England, England and Arthur & George) He finally won the prize in 2011 with his short novel The Sense of an Ending which was described by head judge as ‘A beautifully written book that spoke to humankind in the 21st Century’.

Barnes worked as a reviewers and literary editor of The New Statesman, where his shyness prompted his workmates to refer to him as the mute member of staff. He has also written crime fiction under the Pseudonym Dan Kavanagh, taking the surname from his wife and literary agent Pat who passed away in 2008 of a brain tumour, she was the inspiration for much of his novel Levels of Life.

A keen Francophile, the country features in much of his work, his appreciation of all things French was reciprocated in 2004 when he was awarded ‘Commander de L’Ordres Arts et Des Lettres‘ . In 2003 he was the voice of Georges Simenon in BBC Radio 4’s adaptations of the Inspector Maigret novels.

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