Village of Jayyous, West Bank, Palestine. 2003.

by Alessandra sanguinetti




Village of Jayyous, West Bank, Palestine. 2003. by Alessandra Sanguinetti.


6" x 6" Magnum Square print

Fuji Crystal Archival Matte paper

Signed on verso by Alessandra Sanguinetti

Mint condition

Statement from Alessandra Sanguinetti on the back of print "Village of Jayyous, West Bank, Palestine 2003"

"I made this picture on my first trip to Palestine. I remember how coming upon this scene felt like a mirage. All around it were checkpoints, barbed wires, Idraeli military jeeps and the hum from the construction of the separation wall; this woman seemed oblivious to it all as she calmly filled her bucket with olives. The wall now cuts through this village makings 75% of the land inaccessible to her and to the farmers who'd worked the land for generations. I dedicate this picture to her and to a future where Palestinians are free from the Israeli occupation of their land and lives."

About Alessandra Sanguinetti in her own words

I was born in NYC in 1968. Two years after that, my family and I moved to Buenos Aires, where I grew up, worked and lived until 2002. I'm based in California now. I've been a photographer since I'm ten years old and made half of my work in a small area 200 km south of Buenos Aires. I've also made and are making work in many other parts of the world To do so, I've had the support of the Guggenheim Foundation, The Hasselblad Foundation, the National Fund for the Arts of Argentina, the Harvard Peabody Museum/Robert Gardner Foundation, the Aperture/Hermes Foundation, the MacDowell Colony, and the John Gutman, Alicia Paterson and the Magnum Foundation.

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