Cig Harvey

Cig Harvey is a British-born artist and writer living in Maine, USA, and working in large-format color photography and poetry. Rich in implied narrative, saturated in color, and deeply rooted in the natural world, her work is devoted to the topic of what it is to feel.

Cig has published five sold-out books: Blue Violet (Monacelli/Phaidon, 2021), Reveal (with Debbie Fleming Caffrey and Andrea Modica; Yoffy Press, 2020); You an Orchestra You a Bomb (Schilt Publishing, 2017); Gardening at Night (Schilt Publishing, 2015); and You Look at Me Like an Emergency (Schilt Publishing, 2012).

Cig’s photographs and books are in the permanent collections of museums across the world, including The Library of Congress (NewYork, New York): Yale University (New Haven, Connecticut); Museum of Fine Arts (Houston, Texas); the Farnsworth Art Museum (Rockland, Maine); and the International Museum of Photography and Film at the George Eastman House (Rochester, New York). She is represented by galleries worldwide and has exhibited at Paris Photo, Art Miami, and at AIPAD (New York) for the past fifteen years. She had her first solo museum show at the Stenersen Museum in Oslo, Norway (2012), and more recently at the Ogunquit Museum of American Art in Maine (2019).


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