Scrambles Track, McHenry, Illinois, USA. 1965

by Danny lyon




Scrambles Track, McHenry, Illinois, USA. 1965 by Danny Lyon.


6″ x 6″ Magnum Square print

Fuji Crystal Archival Matte paper

Signed on verso by Danny Lyon

Mint condition

In a sealed protective envelope

*Please note that the glossiness of the envelope might have caused some glare in the pictures

Statement from Danny Lyon on the back of print "Scrambles Track, McHenry, Illinois, USA. 1965"

"The Bikeriders was a book made in two worlds, the world of motorcycle racers and the world of the Outlaws. The track at McHenry was a favourite destination for both. Racers scrambled on the hilly dirt track winding through the woods. The Outlaws lay in the grassy hills above to watch. Leather-clad riders reached the peak of a hill and both wheels left the ground. Watching the racers in the ground glass of my Rolleiflex, I knelt behind a snow fence, my foreground. There was something dark and forbidding about the landscape before me, like a Dürer etching or Brueghel painting. The track at McHenry was the curator Hugh Edwards's favourite picture in my book. When I republished the picture later with Aperture in a horizontal format book, Edwards said it was the wrong design. It had to be vertical. "You would design an entire book around this one picture?" I asked. "Yes," he answered."

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