Mother - Unique Print

by Matthew finn



Mother - Unique Print by Matthew Finn. First edition (2017). First impression in new condition. This is a unique 30cm x 24cm print from "Mother" by Matthew Finn. Actual image size - 14cm x 20cm. Printed in 2014. Signed and dated by Matthew Finn on verso. Comes with a signed copy of the book. Both print and book are in new condition. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch. The other Unique Vintage Print is available here. Over a thirty-year period, from 1987 onwards, Finn collaborated with his mother, Jean. He documented her everyday life through a series of portraits taken in her home in Leeds. This is a record of the ordinary, of a daily routine with which we are all familiar. However, it is also a record of the gradual shift from middle age to old age. Unfortunately in Jean’s case, to the onset of mixed dementia. Resulting in a move from the family home into residential care. It is a poignant body of work, filled with warmth yet conscious of the fragility of life. Quiet domestic interiors act as a stage for life's everyday details. Though the focus is on the individual the bond between mother and son is a powerful constant. Even as the balance of that relationship begins to change. As Matthew Finn has said, “For my mother and I, this switch of roles was quick. Diagnosed with mixed dementia two years ago, she fell silent and our collaboration was over. I no longer exist to her and she cannot recognise herself. What remains are these pictures.”

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