The Box

by Frederick sommer nl



The Box by Frederick Sommer. First edition (1994). First impression. Set of 64 cards with photo collages, packed in a plexiglass box. Small format. Numbered. The set is in new condition, there are some small scratches on the box. See pictures. PayPal accepted, if you have any questions, please contact us.

About The Box

Frederick Sommer first became known for his austere desert landscapes and portraiture - a 1939 flattened jackrabbit, a portrait of Max Ernst fused to the side of a weathered building. He later turned his fascination with what he called "elegance of form" in surprising directions: a series of dramatically lit paper cutouts from the late 1970s and his photo collages from the 1990s, meticulous works of anatomical drawings. The Box is a randomly ordered series of 64 cards that readers can reassemble into a unique series/book of their own.

Artist Bio

Sommer's (1905-1999) peripatetic life and multifaceted work defy simple classification. He was born in Italy to German-speaking parents, then grew up in Brazil and was fluent in five languages ​​by the time he received his master's degree in landscape architecture from Cornell University. In 1931, after being diagnosed with tuberculosis, he moved permanently to the United States with his American wife, Frances (1904–1999). The couple then settled in 1935 in the small town of Prescott, Arizona, where Frances was a social worker. There, far from metropolitan cultural centres, the two lived for more than sixty years. - National Gallery of Art

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