Kanghee Kim Photography books

Dreamer, is Kanghee Kim's second photography book published by us here at Setanta Books. Following up from her famous first title, Golden Hour, Dreamer is a continuation of her Street Errands work which she explains here "They start from mundane encounters on everyday errands in New York, and by manipulating these images I construct my own form of surreal escapism. The manipulation of these scenes introduces infinite possibility, free from the limits or restraints of real life.”

"The New York City-based visual artist KangHee Kim, who posts as @tinycactus on Instagram, uses Photoshop to combine and transform the everyday images she photographs into dreamscapes that open out into a new, invigorating world. A flowering tree glimpsed in a mirror that our eye reads as a window; a creamy desert landscape stretching, in a translucent ghost image, across the walls of a city apartment: Kim’s work, a blend of the familiar and the surreal, is both haunting and reassuring."

From - @tinycactus and the Escapist Art That Emerges From Dark Times by Stephanie Zacharek

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