Lauren Tepfer

Lauren Tepfer is a 21 year old photographer and director living and working in New York City. Having grown up in southern New Jersey, Lauren is particularly adept at capturing the essence of a teenager living in suburbia. She first began shooting portraits of her friends and family at the age of 13 and has since developed an evolving body of work.

Lauren has had her photo work exhibited in both LA and NYC and her films screened in NYC. She is currently studying at Parsons School of Design where she is pursuing a BFA in photography.

Photographer’s Statement

“Growing up with a creative mind in the boundaries of a town populated by less than 7,000, I’ve learned to create my own magic and nurture it myself. To me, capturing my suburban surroundings in photographic form is like a digital love letter. I connect most to genuine and intimate settings and I feel that small towns are where most of that energy blossoms from. Aside from giving me good feelings, I hope that my suburban narratives can provide comfort for those growing up feeling lonely or unaccounted for.”

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