Luka Khabelashvili

Luka Khabelashvili is a self-taught photographer from Gori, Georgia. Shooting mainly digital, Luka is not afraid of tools like Photoshop to enhance his work. He manipulates his scenes and subjects often creating something abstract or surreal. Luka talks about “derealization” or disrtorting our reality.

Photographer’s Statement

“I’ve been taking photos since I was a child. It all started one summer holiday when my family and I went to Turkey. My mother gave me a camera to capture moments from the holiday. Because of the extremely hot days I had a lot of time to spend around the house until conditions were good enough to go outside. So, during this period I started taking lots of shots indoors and outdoors. It was after this trip, I got obsessed with photography and all its possibilities. Nowadays, I shoot everything that I find interesting and fascinating to see. I don’t have any specific style or genre.”

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