Fifteen Miles to K-Ville

by Mark Steinmetz


Fifteen Miles to K-Ville by Mark Steinmetz. First edition (2016). First impression large format paperback in new condition. No markings. This is a new book. Dust jacket in removable protective. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Fifteen Miles to K-Ville

15 Miles to K-Ville is a poetic and meandering trip around the peripheries of K-Ville: a fictional town somewhere between Knoxville, Tennessee and Athens, Georgia, where graves dot the terrain and a forbidding energy hangs around in the air. This collection of darkly humorous and melancholy portraits and landscapes date from the early 1990s when the American photographer was moving between these two cities.


Claiming, “I am more interested in a photography that collaborates with chance events,” Mark Steinmetz has been courting chance since the mid-1980s, keenly observing people and places and capturing them in disarming moments of humor, tenderness, and beauty. Working in series, he has concentrated on such subjects as kids and teenagers, small American towns, summer camp, schoolteachers, and street scenes in Paris and various Italian cities. Though he has worked in color, he concentrates primarily on black-and-white. While most other photographers embrace digital technologies, Steinmetz remains committed to film and to making his own prints in a darkroom, and has been using the same cameras, film, and chemicals throughout his career. “I have a strong emotional response to light and I insist that my prints convey this,” he explains, “so I still rely on film and silver paper.”

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