Doctrine of an Axe (One Picture Book)

by Raymond meeks




Doctrine of an Axe by Raymond Meeks. This is an artist proof from an edition of 500 copies of this One Picture book in new condition, contains a signed and dated tipped in print, please see pics, PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Doctrine of an Axe

In Doctrine of an Axe, Raymond Meeks surveys a constantly shifting landscape, where dormant fields of reposed soil serve a restorative promise, a certain catharsis from our pasts and a metaphor to the synchronistic relationship between the health of the land and the condition of its inhabitants.

About Raymond Meeks

Raymond Meeks (b. 1963) has been recognized for his books and pictures centred on memory and place. And the way in which a landscape can shape an individual and then, in the abstract, how a place possesses you in its absence. So, in 2014, a mid-career retrospective of his books (Where Objects Fall Away) was organized by Light Work. The exhibition featured more than twenty books. Including self-published works. As well as numerous volumes from a variety of publishers.

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