Great Leaps Forward

by Thomas sauvin



Great Leaps Forward by Thomas Sauvin. First edition first impression slipcased hardback (one of 750) in new condition. Signed and dated by Thomas Sauvin to end page. No markings. This is a new book. Please see pictures.  

About Great Leaps Forward

Great Leaps Forward unveils a series of photos drawn from a plastic bag bought in a Beijing flea market in 2016. Firstly, they were sealed tightly with a knot, the bag had settled there unnoticed for many decades. Upon opening the bag, over 300 photos were discovered. So, they were taken by an anonymous photographer. Who was a member of the Xi’an Physical Education University’s department of Photography. All the images, meticulously depicting various athletes in action. Sometimes defying gravity, were shot on the same field during a bright day of June 1960. However, to date, these images are the only photographic record that collector and artist Thomas Sauvin found from the time of The Great Leap Forward (1958-1962).

About Thomas Sauvin

Thomas Sauvin is a French photography collector and editor who lives in Beijing. Since 2006 he exclusively works as a consultant for the UK-based Archive of Modern Conflict, an independent archive and publisher, for whom he collects Chinese works, from contemporary photography to period publications to anonymous photography. Sauvin has had exhibitions of his work, and published through Archive of Modern Conflict. Sauvin started the Beijing Silvermine project, accumulating more than 850,000 anonymous color negatives (as of December 2019) destined for destruction in a Beijing recycling zone.

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