Vasantha Yogananthan

Vasantha Yogananthan's (b. 1985, France) practice addresses the space between documentary and fiction. Working solely in analogue, his photographic projects are developed over long periods of time and over the years he has developed a distinctive colour palette solely based on natural light. His on-going series A Myth of Two Souls (2013-2019), inspired by the epic tale The Ramayana, draws inspiration from common imagery associated with this myth and its pervasiveness in everyday Indian life. Yogananthan offers a modern retelling of a story first recorded in 300 BC, through retracing the legendary route from north to south India. He has received several awards, including FOAM Talent (2017) and an ICP Infinity Award for Emerging Photographer of the Year (2017). Yogananthan is the fifth laureate of Immersion (2019) and is set to undertake a residency in the United States in 2022, prior to a solo show at SFMOMA, and at the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson in Paris in autumn 2023.