Future Fantasy

by Vinca petersen



Future Fantasy by Vinca Petersen. First edition (2017). First impression. Large format hardback in new condition. Signed by Vinca Petersen to back cover. No markings, This is a new book. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Future Fantasy

This book uses material from the very start of my archive, a small collection of about 100 photographs I’d kept from my teens and early 20s, along with my diaries. I started taking photos when I was very young: my dad was an amateur photographer, so I was always taking pictures around the house. Later I’d take pictures of my friends at school, and they’d use my camera to take pictures of me. I didn’t think they were of any value, at first. They were just things I’d happened to keep. Unlike my later pictures of travelers and sound systems, there was nothing special about the subject matter – anyone could have taken these 100 or so early pictures. But going through them later with Ben Freeman, who designed the book, I realised that was exactly why they were interesting. They were a record of what could be pretty much any girl growing up, having her first adventures away from parents and home, then in my case moving to London at 17, trying to earn a living while also discovering Ecstasy and the rave scene.

Artist Bio

Vinca Petersen’s work is inseparable from her life: it is a lifelong project that is born both of a need to make a way of life public, and a commitment to a set of ethical ideals about how we should, and could, relate to each other. Though some of her work originates from the need to preserve and celebrate a particular subculture, her body of work has incorporated activism and direct action. Leading a self initiated institution, international aid work, and unorthodox publishing and exhibiting projects. In the twenty-first century there are innumerable artists who position themselves as activists or whose theatre of action goes past the production of objects for the art market. There are far fewer whose work has had a genuine and remarkable impact outside the art world. There are even fewer who have successfully established their own registered charity. As well as secured support from many of the great and the good to fund its transformative work.

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