Issei Suda

Issei Suda was born in Tokyo in 1940. He got his first camera as a gift from his father when he first joined the  Tokyo College of Photography.  Soon after graduating in 1962, Suda began working as a press photographer for the underground theatre troupe Tenjō Sajiki, notorious for their flamboyant fantasy, grotesque eroticism and jet-black comedy.

It is hard to pinpoint what makes Suda’s street scenes so otherworldly, given their ostensibly ordinary subject matter. “My shooting method was once compared to an ancient sword trick in which one slashes his enemy at the same time as he removes the sword from his sheath,” he recalled.

His photography reflected a pure appreciation of Japanese customs with a sharp investigative eye.

Suda died in 2019.

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Zeigt alle 6 Ergebnisse