A Period of Juvenile Prosperity

by Mike brodie




A Period of Juvenile Prosperity by Mike Brodie.

First edition (2013)

First impression

Large format hardback in new condition

Dust jacket in a removable protective sleeve

Please note that the signed copies are signed and dated by Mike Brodie to title page

About A Period of Juvenile Prosperity

A  Period of Juvenile Prosperity was born by accident. When he was 17, Brodie hopped on a train thinking he was going to visit his friend in Mobile, AL. Instead, the train was going in the opposite direction, to Jacksonville, FL. After a few days, Brodie rode the train back to where he started and this back and forth sparked a desire to wander around the US by train, by foot, hitchhiking... During his wanderings, he found a Polaroid camera with which he would start documenting his experiences, people he would meet whilst roaming around and anything that came his would and caught his eye. The result is a prolific collection of images that would end up creating a name for Brodie, or rather, a nickname: 'The Polaroid Kidd'. Years later Brodie would switch from a Polaroid to 35mm film and would collect a very impressive amount of portrait a travel photography documenting his wanderings.

About Mike Brodie

Born in 1985, Mike Brodie began photographing when he was given a Polaroid camera in 2004. Working under the moniker 'The Polaroid Kidd,' Brodie spent the next four years circumambulating the United States, amassing an archive of photographs that make up one of the few, true collections of American travel photography. Brodie made work in the tradition of photographers like Robert Frank, William Eggleston and Stephen Shore, but due to never having undergone any formal training he always remained untethered to the pressures and expectations of art market. Brodie compulsively documented his exploration of the tumultuous world of transient subcultures without regard to how the photographs would exist beyond him. After feeling as though he documented all that he could of his subject, his insatiable wanderlust found a new passion, and as quickly as he began making photographs, he has left the medium to continue in his constant pursuit of new adventures.

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