The Castle

by Richard mosse



The Castle by Richard Mosse. First edition. Second printing (2019). Large format hardback in new condition. Flat signed by Richard Mosse to title page. No markings. This is a new book. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About The Castle

Firstly, the Castle by Richard Mosse is a documentation of refugee campsites along mass migration routes into the European Union. As a result of a lot of visits. Consequently; revealing changing immigration policy. As a result, he attached a thermal video camera designed for long-range border enforcement to a robotic motion control arm. Mosse has gathered the source footage used to composite the resulting heat maps. These photographs are thermal panoramas made up of hundreds of overlapping cells or individual frames. Creating a temporal form that speaks to the lived experience of refugees indefinitely awaiting asylum and trapped in a Byzantine.

Artist's Bio

Photographer and filmmaker Richard Mosse focuses on war-torn regions, capturing the effects of conflict on landscapes and people in lush, cinematic images. Mosse situates his practice between documentary journalism and contemporary art practice, explaining that he seeks to represent the unrepresentable in order to “help us begin to describe, and thereby account for, what exists at the limits of human articulation.” The current American-Iraqi war and the ongoing rebel conflict in the Eastern Congo are among the conflicts Mosse has recorded. He is best known for “Infra” (2010-11), a series of luridly colored, large-scale photographs of the fighters, inhabitants, and landscapes of the Eastern Congo. By shooting with Kodak Aerochrome, an infrared surveillance film that renders greens into acid pinks and reds, Mosse offers a searing, psychedelic vision of the warscape and those who suffer within it.

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