#7851. 2008

by Todd Hido



#7851 by Todd Hido.


6″ x 6″ Magnum Square print Fuji Crystal Archival Matte paper Signed on verso by Todd Hido Mint condition

Statement from Todd Hido on the back of print

"I drive, I drive a lot. People ask me how I find my pictures. I tell them I drive around. I drive and drive and I mostly don't find anything that is interesting to me. But then, something calls out. Something that looks sort of off, or maybe an empty space. Sometimes it's a sad scene. I like that kind of stuff. I remember this foggy night, wondering about the hidden world behind the frosted glass of the garage door. Did somebody just leave the light on? Or is there a whole world of activity going on in the middle of the night out in the garage under the veil of the fog? And so I keep driving and looking and taking pictures."

Artist Bio

Todd Hido (born 1968) is an internationally celebrated contemporary artist, known for his night-time depictions of isolated suburban houses in America. He has published several books including House Hunting (2001), Outskirts (2002) and Roaming (2004) and has received numerous awards.

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