A Premature Obituary for An Insomniac Man. Cambodia. 2007.

by Sohrab hura




6″ x 6″ Magnum Square print

Fuji Crystal Archival Matte paper

Signed on verso by Sohrab Hura

Mint condition

Statement from Sohrab Hura on the back of “A Premature Obituary”

“His eyes, flowing out of their sockets, barely held on to the last threads of his veins. He had not slept the last twenty years and it was almost as if time had pillaged everything in its passing and had left him a pauper. What had once been a beautiful face now resembled nothing more than a dirty old sinkhole, ready to devour everything around him into its vortex. He should have shut his big stone eyes or else time would have surely ripped out the last of them. But in his
drunken stupor, all that mattered was for him to reach the edge of the world one last time. It had not stopped him for half his life, so why should it do so now. The clock had now started to tick again and with it, his face had started to melt again. An eye had already turned to dust and his jaw was now starting to crumble. Helpless and unable to hold onto him, I took out my camera and made one last photograph
of the insomniac man, standing at the edge of the world. ”

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