Looking for Alice - Garden Gate Print

by Sian davey



Looking for Alice - Garden Gate Print by Sian Davey.


20 x 26 cm C Type print Signed on verso by Sian Davey Mint condition

About Looking for Alice

Looking For Alice is an award-winning project by British photographer Sian Davey, which tells the story of her daughter Alice and their family. Alice was born with Down's Syndrome, but is no different to any other little girl or indeed human being. She feels what we all feel. Their family is also like many other families, and Sian's portraits of Alice and their daily life are both intimate and familiar.

Statement from Sian Davey

“My family is a microcosm for the dynamics occurring in many other families. Previously as a psychotherapist I have listened to many stories and it is interesting that what has been revealed to me, after fifteen years of practice, is not how different we are to one another, but rather how alike we are as people. It is what we share that is significant. The stories vary but we all experience similar emotions.”

Artist Bio

Siân Davey is a British photographer. Her work focuses on her family, community and self, and is informed by her background in psychology. Davey has published two books, Looking for Alice and Martha.

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