The Man with the Golden Gun

by Ian fleming


The Man with the Golden Gun by Ian Fleming. 1993 fascimile reprint from First Edition Library of this 1965 Jonathan Cape first edition. In new condition. With dust jacket and slip case. Now in protective sleeve. Please see pictires. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About The Man with the Golden Gun

So, this is the thirteenth book installment of Ian Fleming's James Bond series. A brainwashed James Bond has tried - and failed - to assassinate M, his boss. Now Bond has to prove he is back on form and can be trusted again. 'All' 007 has to do is kill one of the most deadly free-lance hit-men in the world - one Paco 'Pistols' Scaramanga, the Man with the Golden Gun. But despite his licence to kill, 007 is no assassin, and, on finding the Scaramanga in the sultry heat of Jamaica, he decides to infiltrate the killer's criminal co-operative - and realizes that he will have to take him out as swiftly as possible - or 007 might just be the next on a long list of British Secret Service numbers that this Man has retired...

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