Weathering Time

by Nancy floyd


Weathering Time by Nancy Floyd. First edition (2021). First impression. Medium format hardback in new condition. No msrkings. This is a brand new book. Please see pictures.  

About Weathering Time

Weathering Time is a long-term project where Nancy Floyd photographed herself (one photo a day) since 1982. The result is a series of over 2500 images that reflect on the passage of time and the ageing process. Floyd started taking these photos every morning at 9am, using analogue and digital cameras. She would photograph herself alone, sometimes with family members, sometimes with pets or friends. The result is a sort of journal, for it has an incredibly personal significance.

About Nancy Floyd

Nancy Floyd, born in Monticello, Minnesota in 1956, is an American photographer. Her photographic subjects mainly concern women and the female body during youth, pregnancy, and while ageing. Her project She's Got a Gun comprises portraits of women and their firearms, which is linked to her Texas childhood. Floyd's work has been shown in 18 solo exhibitions and is held in the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Photography and the High Museum of Art. Floyd is emeritus professor of photography at the Ernest G. Welch school of Art and Design at Georgia State University.

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