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Original Title Drawings

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Drawings by Asger Carlsen. First edition. First impression large format paperback (one of 300) in as new condition. Signed by Asger Carlsen to title page. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Drawings

‘Drawings’ sees a distinct departure in visual style for NYC based, Danish artist Asger Carlsen. Earlier bodies of work, such as ‘Hester’ and ‘Baxter’, are unmistakably from a camera. Drawings, however, leaves few clues as to whether Carlsen has abandoned a photographic practice altogether as the reader is presented with images, the surfaces of which, seem to be made up of marble, clay, cellophane and meat.

Here, the medium is indeed drawings, but in a wide enough definition of the word to allow for materials such as clay, marble, cellophane, and raw meat to be utilised. This book is a series of body parts – as to the body of what kind of creature remains blissfully obscure – separated from their origin, wandering about on the almost unbearable whiteness of the pages that take up so much space that it is as if the emptiness around the images had as much to say. It’s all slightly unnerving in a “Frankensteinian sort-of-way”.

Artist Bio

Carlsen is a photographer born in Denmark in 1973. He is best known for his distorted, and also monochromatic photographs of human figures.

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