South Trilogy – South Central – South East – Greater Atlanta

Mark Steinmetz




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Original Title South Trilogy - South Central - South East - Greater Atlanta
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South Trilogy – South Central – South East – Greater Atlanta by Mark Steinmetz. This is one of 250 slipcased sets of Steinmetz trilogy – South East, South Central and Greater Atlanta. Each book is signed and numbered on the title page. The cased books are also packed in a numbered hard card box. No markings. This is a new set. Any questions please get in touch.

About South Trilogy from Nazraelli Press

Mark Steinmetz’s famous trilogy of books made in the south of the USA is celebrated for it’s lyrical and poetic look into America through Steinmetz’s lens. Until recently the books were scarce and expensive; however, they have now been masterfully reprinted by Nazraeli Press.

Each book contains Steinmetz’ evocative pictures of people places and animals. His appreciation for the world, light and beauty is clear through his simple but powerful photographs. Throughout the titles, he weaves together a delicate and ambiguous narrative. As a result, the open and expressive narrative allows the viewer to bring their own meaning to the work.

This is a limited edition, slipcased set of all three of the titles (consisting of South Central, South East, and Greater Atlanta). Each copy is signed and numbered by Steinmetz and is already out of print with the publisher.

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