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Original Title The Russia House

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The Russia House by John le Carré. Limited edition with marbled boards (1989). First impression. This is one of 250 numbered copies of the First edition. This is number 8. Medium format hardback in fine condition. Signed by John Le Carré to title page. No markings. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About The Russia House

So, John le Carré’s bestselling classic is a timeless spy thriller about the Iron Curtain and the tense relationship between Great Britain and Russia.

John le Carré has earned worldwide acclaim with extraordinary spy novels. Including The Russia House, an unequivocal classic. Navigating readers through the shadow worlds of international espionage with critical knowledge culled from his years in British Intelligence. Le Carré tracks the dark and devastating trail of a document that could profoundly alter the course of world events.

In Moscow, a sheaf of military secrets then changes hands. If it arrives at its destination, and also if its import is understood, the consequences could be cataclysmic.

Along the way it has an explosive impact on the lives of three people: a Soviet physicist burdened with secrets; a beautiful young Russian woman to whom the papers are entrusted; as well as Barley Blair, a bewildered English publisher pressed into service by British Intelligence to ferret out the document’s source. A magnificent story of love, betrayal, and also courage. The Russia House catches history in the act. For as the Iron Curtain begins to rust and then crumble, Blair is left to sound a battle cry that may fall on deaf ears.

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