President Barack Obama in the private dining room of the White House. Washington, DC. USA. 2016.

Christopher Anderson



President Barack Obama in the private dining room of the White House. Washington, DC. USA. 2016. by Christopher Anderson.


6″ x 6″ Magnum Square print

Fuji Crystal Archival Matte paper

Signed on verso by Christopher Anderson

Mint condition

In a sealed protective envelope

*Please note that the glossiness of the envelope might have caused some glare in the pictures

Statement from Christopher Anderson on the back of print “President Barack Obama in the private dining room of the White House. Washington, DC. USA. 2016.

“It’s hard not ot be discouraged. I search for glimpses of hope that hate will not win out. As frustrated and angry as I am at the moment by the face of America, I do find comfort in the fact that it is still a place that could elect a man named Barck Hussein Obama. That means something. I am grateful that my children were able to witness that America.

I am told that this was the last portrait that President Obama sat for in the White House (the occasion was for the cover of Wired magazine and he was guest editing the issue as a way to speak about his post-presidency interests). It feels a little silly to say that it was one of my more memorable moments as a photographer. Of course, it was. And full disclosure: I voted for Barack Obama and I would vote for him again if I could, so I admit I am not the most objective. But I was sincerely struck by the way he treated everybody in the room with dignity, for what it is worth. I hope this portrait reflects something about the humanity of the person that I encountered.”

Artist Bio

Christopher Anderson is known for his emotionally charged, artfully drawn images that explore themes of truth and subjectivity. And, he is one of today’s most influential photographers. His origins began in war reporting. Later they transformed into something more intimate. His work blends the worlds of commercial, art and fashion work. But, always with a foundation in documentary.

Anderson was born in 1970 in Canada and grew up in west Texas. His photographic career began working for local newspapers. In 2000, on assignment for the New York Times Magazine, he boarded a small wooden boat with 44 Haitians trying to sail to America. However, the boat sank in the Caribbean. The photographs received the Robert Capa Gold Medal. Furthermore, they marked the beginning of a ten-year period as a contract photographer for Newsweek Magazine and National Geographic Magazine. After that, in 2011 he became New York Magazine’s first ever Photographer in Residence. This is a notable collaboration that would also mark Anderson’s shift into portraiture and fashion.

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