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Exodes by Sebastiao Salgado. First edition (2000). First impression. Large format hardback in fine condition. No markings. There is also a booklet tipped in to rear of book. Dust jacket in removable protective sleeve. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Exodes

It’s been 16 years since Sebastião Salgado published Exodus for the first time. But the history it contains, the incessant displacement of human beings throughout the world, has varied little in this time. The reasons that drive migration may be varied, the core of the conflict may be moved from Rwanda to Syria, but the people who abandon their homes are protagonists in the same story: deprivations, difficulties and atsits of hope conform an odyssey of great physical and psychological cost .

Over six years, Salgado has portrayed emigrants from more than 35 countries documenting their displacement in the middle of the road, the refugee camps and the overpopulated barrio de Chabolas, from where many of the refugees linked to the cities have ended. His work includes Latin Americans entering the United States, Jews leaving the former Soviet Union, Kosovars hugging Albania, Hutu refugees from Rwanda, as well as the first refugees by sea, Arabs and Sub-Saharans trying to cross the Mediterranean to set foot in Europe. His images present people who know where they want to go, and others who simply live, content to be alive and strong enough to escape. The faces show dignity and compassion in the most bitter circumstances, but also the devastating trail of violence, hatred and code.

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