Fin. Land.

Aura Saarikoski | Emma Sarpaniemi | Karl Ketamo | Kukka-Maria Rosenlund | Laura Konttinen | Sara Hornig | Sebastian Reis | Simo Karisalo


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There are several synonyms for landscape, including scenery and view. Landscape can be taken to mean viewing something from a certain angle. It always appears different depending on the direction of viewing. It is never objective, but always dependent on the viewer. The works in the exhibition explore, for example, memories, nature, belonging to a place, and our view of the landscape. The featured works also deal with, for example, information and identity, the need to be seen, and the maintenance of control and order.

The Photobooks from Finland association has conceived an exhibition and a photo book, questioning the line there is in between the two formats of presenting photography. Eight artists were selected for the project: Sara Hornig, Simo Karisalo, Karl Ketamo, Laura Konttinen, Sebastian Reis, Kukka-Maria Rosenlund, Aura Saarikoski and Emma Sarpaniemi.

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