Memory Lane with “Lifeguard, Dawlish Warren” Print

Martin Salter




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Original Title Memory Lane with “Lifeguard, Dawlish Warren” Print
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Memory Lane with “Lifeguard, Dawlish Warren” Print by Martin Salter.

Specifications of Memory Lane with “Lifeguard, Dawlish Warren”

Hardcover with Dust Jacket
270x240mm (Portrait Orientation)
124 Pages
64 Images

This copy also contains a signed 25 x 20 cm (10″ x 8″) print on 300 GSM archival pearlescent paper tipped in to the end page.

A short extract an extract from the essay by Val Williams in Memory Lane

To spend time with Martin Salter’s Memory Lane is to enter into a kind of meditation. It is a narrative of strangeness, of chance encounters, mysterious occurrences against the flimsy solid background of ‘ordinary’ Britain.
His photographs pose the question about ‘who we are’ and ‘where we are’, how we dwell within our urban, rural and coastal landscapes, the patterns of existence we make. Documentary photography magicks our recollections alive in a kind of visual alchemy.
‘Were we there?’ we wonder, ‘in that place at that time?’ In our memories, places shrink or grow larger, become indistinct or pencil more beautiful or more mundane; we are Alices in Wonderland as we confront the changing dimensions of the past.

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