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Original Title Moshe
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First edition first impression in new condition, no markings, this is a new book, flat signed by Remove Sandrine Lopez to the rear end page, please see pics, PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

This is not a set of photographs. Let’s go further: this is something else and much more than a particular project. Moshe does not show, does not tell anything, does not affirm at any time. It is an experience, an asceticism, a trial and error in the night of the worlds. Moshe might be that: a repeated questioning relentlessly. A gleaming look, between curiosity and terror, on the abyss of being. But, no less: on the nameless power of what holds him standing before us, flesh and spirit. Terribly naked, tragically fragile. But yet there, intensely, despite troubles, hardships, disasters and looks.