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The Acceptance World by Anthony Powell. First edition (1955). First impression. Medium format hardback in near fine condition. There is toning to the blank rear endpage. No other internal markings. Pages clean, binding firm. The jacket has had some professional restoration, now in removable protective sleeve. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About The Acceptance World

The Acceptance World begins in London in 1931. Jenkins meets Uncle Giles for tea at the Ufford, where he is introduced to Mrs. Erdleigh. She “lays out the cards” for him, predicting a relationship with a woman in his future. Jenkins later discusses with Barnby his trouble getting the author St. John Clarke to write an introduction for his firm’s book on the painter Isbister.

Jenkins goes to the Ritz to meet with Mark Members, the secretary of St. John Clarke, to discuss Clarke’s writing an introduction to a book on the art of Horace Isbister. There he runs into Peter Templer and agrees to eat with him, his wife Mona, and Jean Templer (now separated from her husband, Bob Duport). J.G. Quiggin arrives late in place of Members as Clarke’s new secretary, and they talk briefly about a piece by Clarke for a book Jenkins is publishing. Quiggins leaves and, after dinner, Jenkins agrees to stay with the Templers for the night, and on the drive to the Templers’ home he begins a love affair with Jean.

Mona asks Jenkins to invite Quiggin over to join them for lunch, along with Templer, Jean, Stripling, Mrs. Erdleigh. They decide to play Planchette, a fortune-telling game, against the advice of Mrs. Erdleigh . Planchette writes to Quiggin with words from Karl Marx and suggests that St. John Clarke is sick. Quiggin leaves and Jean agrees to have Jenkins over to her flat on Friday.

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