The Little Screens

Lee Friedlander



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Original Title The Little Screens
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The Little Screens by Lee Friedlander. First edition (2001). First impression in fine condition. No markings, binding firm, pages clean, very slight blemishes to gloss cover. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

Firstly these pictures were made in the 1960s. They are television screens housed in motel rooms and other rooms spread throughout the country. So, each screen vividly transmits images of pop icons, political figures, or minor celebrities of the times. Walker Evans, writing about these photographs, called them “deft, witty, spanking little poems of hate.” The Little Screens documents not only iconographic ghost-rooms filled with bland furnishings of the period. As a result they also reveal an emerging reality—the omnipresence of TV screens and the drone of television voices and personalities to fill space in an increasingly isolationist culture.

The Little Screens is an influential body of early work by Lee Friedlander. Until now it has never been brought together. In this monograph television screens and their environments weave a narrative of a photographer moving through the landscape of 1960s America. And the melancholy quality of life lived on the road. With a preface written by Walker Evans after he first saw the photographs in 1963.

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