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Umbra by Viviane Sassen. First edition. First impression large format 28 page booklet with 11 prints loosely laid into a cardboard wallet. There are some faint fingerprint marks to the back of one print no other markings. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Umbra

Umbra dives into the world of shadows. A darkness so seductive and deceptive. However, Umbra also tells a story of light. Shadows are ultimately viewed, not only the negation of light, but also as the force of life.

‘Viviane Sassen’s series Umbra, titled after the Latin word for shadow, was commissioned by the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam.

Sassen leads us through a series of imaginative takes on the idea of the shadow as a metaphor for the anxiety and desire, memories and expectations, as well as imagination and illusion that manifest in the human psyche. Throughout the series, the ambiguity between realism and abstraction, characteristic of her work, emerges in the play of light, shadow and colour. As well as the cropping of the images and interventions on the prints. The seemingly everyday objects and situations portrayed are imbued with a mysterious quality’

Artist Bio

Viviane Sassen is a dutch photographer and is prevalent in both the fashion and fine art world. She has had multiple solo exhibitions, group projects and publications. Sassen lived in Kenya as a child but now lives in Amsterdam.

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