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Untitled by Alex Webb.


6″ x 6″ Magnum Square print

Fuji Crystal Archival Matte paper

Signed by Alex Webb

Mint condition

Statement from Alex Webb on the back of print

“The sad, vibrant, tragic, beguiling country of Haiti has been key to my photography. After reading Graham Greene’s The Comedians – a novel set in Haiti that both fascinated and scared me – I made my first trip in 1975. But, photographing in black and white, I soon realized that something was missing: I wasn’t capturing a sense of the searing light and the heat – physical and, perhaps, metaphysical – of this country, so different than the grey-brown reticence of intensity of my experience of this vivid and troubled land.

So, when I returned to Haiti four years later, I decided to work in color. As I wandered through the porticos of downtown Port au Prince in 1979, I remember spotting this man with a bouquet of bulrushes – strikingly outlined against a vibrant red wall – just as a second man, in shadow, rushed by. I took the photograph, and slowly began to realize it was time to leave black and white behind.”

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