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Untitled by Hollie Fernando. This is an original signed and numbered print. Please see pictures. Any questions please get in touch.

Specifications of “Untitled”

Mint condition

A4 original print

In an edition of 10 signed copies

Signed and numbered on verso by Hollie Fernando

More about this print “Untitled”

The print is a portrait of Fernando’s younger brother Max. The photographer produced an exhibition as well as a book titled 12 documenting her brother’s final year of pre-adolescence. Hollie Fernando greatly succeeds at capturing both memorable and more mundane moments and the result is a series of intimate portraits that capture the essence and beauty of youth. This print is a great example of the photographer’s skilful eye.

About Hollie

Hollie Fernando is a British photographer based in Brighton. Having learned the basics whilst she was at sixth form, Hollie continued to learn whilst taking up commercial jobs after she left school.

Her work takes inspiration from classical paintings and continues to be imbued by the colour palettes, lighting styles and symbolic features. Whether she is shooting famous musicians and actors or siblings and friends, she uses the same relaxed approach.

“I try to keep all the colours in my work consistent to create my very own fantasy world.” – Hollie Fernando

Further information about Hollie

Setanta Books had the great pleasure to work closely with Hollie Fernando. Together we were able to produce a publication, which is part of our ongoing collaboration with Open Doors Gallery.

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