A Clearing

by Raymond meeks



A Clearing by Raymond Meeks. First edition (2008). First impression. Large format hardback in new condition. This is an artist proof. Signed by Raymond Meeks to copyright page. No markings. this is a new book. Dust jacket in removable protective sleeve. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About A Clearing

Following up his richly emotive debut collection, Ray Meeks expands the range of his vision with equally stunning technique, suggesting visual rhymes between the sentient and the inanimate, between stratigraphic lines and telephone wires, between a bulldozer’s tread marks and a boy’s ribcage. Whereas his earlier book, Sound of Summer Running, invited us inward, into the expressive interiors of family and place, a Clearing presents us with a world that averts its face, a world we haven’t yet learned to read, where meaning still seems to be gathering itself, where verticality is a sign of defiance. Figures in the landscape appear so isolated, they take on mythic force. The sky is resistant as eyes turned back in a head. Meeks’s camera records the naked geological and human assertion of presence against the flattening insistence of time, erosion, and poverty. In a Clearing, the world speaks itself in a language of origins: stone and child and woman and man cry out from elemental silence, Look, I am here

Artist Bio

Raymond Meeks (b. 1963) has been recognised for his books and pictures centred on memory and place.
Particularly the way in which a landscape can shape and individual. As well as how you can be possessed by a place in its absence. So, in 2014, a mid-career retrospective of his books (Where Objects Fall Away) was organised by Light Work. The exhibition featured more than twenty books, including self-published works. As well as numerous volumes from a variety of publishers.

His books are less a box for storing unexamined experience, but more of a field or vertical plane for examining interior co-existences. As life moves in circles, and moments and events — often years apart — unravel and overlap, then informing new meanings.

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