Above Zero

by Olaf otto becker


Above Zero by Olaf Otto Becker. First edition (2009). First impression. Large format hardback in fine condition. No internal markings. There are two minor soft bumps to spine and top corner of back cover. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Above Zero

Becker’s work is deeply imbedded in the essence and laboriousness of photography’s origins. Etymologically speaking, “photography” literally means “drawing with light,” the sun’s rays as graphic stylus. The images in “Above Zero” literalize that original denotation. The ice flats, which lay endlessly before Becker’s camera, like the white of photographic paper, register the sun’s rays in lines of flowing water, in rivers of melted snow and ice. The resulting images are all constituted through the same effects of the sun, but they represent an infinite variety of possible forms. The ethereal blues of shallow river flows contrast with dark black rivulets of dust and soot which have absorbed the warmth of the sun and melted into the snow, creating cylindrical holes as well as striations that appear like abstract graphics. These elements fulfill the potential suggested by Becker’s previous work in Iceland and on Greenland’s coast, that of a landscape photographically defined. The processes of photography and the forces that affect the landscape are so intimately related that they appear merged in these images.

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