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Nakazora by Masao Yamamoto. First edition (2002). First impression in new condition. Limited deluxe edition of 100 numbered copies in a custom-made box of heavy clear acrylic, with an original toned gelatin silver print signed by Yamamoto. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Nakazora

Contained in a custom-made box of heavy clear acrylic, with an original toned gelatin silver print by Yamamoto. Photographs by Masao Yamamoto. Wood and paper scroll, 12 x 228 inches, with 46 four-color plates. So beautifully printed on uncoated fine Japanese paper. The scroll is bound by a small loose title sheet with an attached string. The Deluxe Edition floats in an all-clear acrylic box which is larger than the wood-and-acrylic box housing the regular edition. The Deluxe Edition is also hand-chopped (stamped w/ the artist's name, using his personal "chop"), whereas on the regular edition, the "chop" is foil-stamped in red. Out of print (sold out before release).

About Masao Yamamoto

Yamamoto was born (1957-present) in Aichi, Japan and was initially interested in pursuing painting. So he studied oil painting, under Goro Saito. Even though Yamamoto shifted into photography in 1980, his painting background is still apparent in his works’ painterly look. For example, he incorporates blurs. He also experiments with printing surfaces. Also, his subjects vary wildly. They range from the Japanese countryside to nude female bodies. Many liken Yamamoto’s art to haikus, due to his mastery of brevity and focus on everyday details. His photography and prints are on display at museums like the J.P. Morgan Chase Art Collection as well as many other private and public collections.

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