New Dutch Views (Imperfect Copies)

by Marwan bassiouni



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First edition (2019)

First impression 

Large format paperback in new condition

Signed and dedicated by Marwan Bassiouni to title page

Please note that the copies are new and unread, however, they were slightly damaged during transportation

About New Dutch Views

So, Marwan Bassiouni started the series ‘New Dutch Views’ as a graduation project and has since developed it further. However, now it appears as a book with many new photographs and autobiographical reflections, published on the occasion of an exhibition at the Fotomuseum in The Hague. Bassiouni visited polders, industrial areas, small villages, inner cities, and outlying suburbs throughout the Netherlands to capture typical views framed by mosque windows. The result is a powerful visual experience, a mixed representation of identity, society, and the portrayal of Islam in Western culture. Moreover, it is a rebuttal from the perspective of Dutch Muslims of Islam’s often negative perception.

About Marwan Bassiouni

Marwan Bassiouni is a photographic artist based in Amsterdam. He was born in Morges, Switzerland in 1985. Marwan developed an interest in photography at the age of 23 during a solitary work experience on a mountain-top in the Swiss Alps. Shortly after, he decided to leave his management studies. He started as an assistant to a still life photographer in Geneva. Following this foundational experience, Marwan performed his civil service in the media department of a human rights NGO where he developed an interest in documentary photography and visual representation. After moving to Egypt and producing his first photographic series, Marwan decided to study at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague.

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