School of Art (Print Edition)

by Matthew finn



School of Art (Print Edition) by Matthew Finn. First edition (2019). First impression hardback in new condition. This is a special edition containing 3 prints - all signed and numbered by Matthew Finn. No markings. This is a new book.

About School of Art (Print Edition)

In 1997 “Cool Britannia” was at its height. Brit pop was flooding the airwaves, a new Labour government took power, and a sense of hope that had not been felt for a generation was palpable. British photographer Matthew Finn was 24, had recently graduated, and took a job at a School of Art in the outskirts of London. Over the coming year he photographed the students and the school itself. “It was last decade before cell phones and social media, we discussed, argued and tried things out, not because we were told to but be cause we wanted to. Everything seemed possible.” - Matthew Finn

About Matthew Finn

Matthew Finn (b. 1971 UK) explores personal relationships both within the corpus of the family as well as the wider stage of personal relationships through long-term photographic projects. With no commercial constraints or deadlines, Finn cultivates a working practice of an auteur, in charge of all the elements of the work where the craft of the print and the process as a whole are equally important. Finn continues to make significant long-term bodies of work including his series of portraits of students, which commenced in the early 1990s (Finn is a senior photography lecturer), and durational bodies of work that focus on the province of family life and close relationships.

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