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Elf Dalia by Maja Daniels. First edition (2019) First impression in new condition. No markings, this is a new book. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

Publishers Description

“If you follow the river north from Mora, you will reach a community with a dark, insular spirit”.

Elf Dalia by Maja Daniels, weaves together a narrative born out of the Swedish valley of Älvdalen. Daniels combines her own photographs taken from 2011 to 2017. As well as curious pictures from an archive amassed by a man named Tenn Lars Persson (1878 –1938), a local inventor, mechanic and photographer. These two artists come together across centuries to create a coherent narrative. As a result, Elf Dalia naturally draws attention to possible fictions of documentary photography. Layered with the relics of this remote region, which to this day speaks the near-extinct ancient language. Therefore, this book explores how the myth and ritual of its past is lost by contemporary living.

Persson’s early photographic experimentation results in strange, uncanny photographs. In one, two men seem to hover mid-air. In another, two women sit together on a crescent moon. Woven within these works, Daniels photographs preside in a similar territory. They span the mystical and vernacular with a kindred symbolic language. Similarly to Persson, she depicts the day-to-day life of this community: in their homes, by the lake, with their families. However; emerging from this sense of the community are portraits illustrating a younger generation. Using these Daniel’s attempts to negotiate the friction between tradition and modernity in Älvdalen. Daniels enters into dialogue with Persson in order to reinforce the community’s unique eccentricity and to question when a historical continuity and pride becomes insularity. When rituals of myth and storytelling might evoke a dark spirit.

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