Leros, Greece. 1994.

Alex Majoli

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Original Title Leros, Greece. 1994.
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Leros, Greece. 1994. by Alex Majoli.

Specifications of Leros, Greece. 1994.

6″ x 6″ Magnum Square print

Fuji Crystal Archival Matte paper

Signed on verso by Alex Majoli

Mint condition

In a sealed protective envelope

*Please note that the glossiness of the envelope might have caused some glare in the pictures

Statement from Alex Majoli on the back of print “Leros, Greece. 1994.”

“It is so (if you think so).”

About Alex Majoli from Magnum

At the age of 15, Alex Majoli joined the F45 Studio in Ravenna, working alongside Daniele Casadio. While studying at the Art Institute in Ravenna, he joined Grazia Neri Agency and traveled to Yugoslavia to document the conflict. He returned many times over the next few years, covering all major events in Kosovo and Albania.

Majoli graduated from art school in 1991. Three years later, he made an intimate portrayal of the closing of an asylum for the insane on the island of Leros, Greece, a project that became the subject of his first book, Leros.

In 1995 Majoli went to South America for several months, photographing a variety of subjects for his ongoing personal project, Requiem in Samba. He started the project Hotel Marinum in 1998, on life in harbour cities around the world, the final goal of which was to perform a theatrical multimedia show. That same year he began making a series of short films and documentaries.

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