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Netflix and Chill by @now.a.magpie.


Hardcover with exposed spine
6.2 x 12cm
264 pages
85 images
Introduction by Nichi Hodgson
Essay by Joan Fontcuberta

About Netflix and Chill

Netflix and Chill is a new photobook by @now.a.magpie, exploring online dating culture and photography in today’s digital society. This work presents the online experience of Sarah, 23, featuring some of the Tinder moments sent her way. Sarah is fictional. Tinder Moments were a part of the dating app for a limited time during 2014 and 2015.

Netflix and Chill provides an insight into how the integration of photography, dating culture and technology are an integral part of communication today. Transitioning to an online environment permits a level of anonymity, as well as an ability to explore and express multiple identities. The images presented in Netflix and Chill are part of a unique archive exploring the liberation of expression new technology has permitted. The result is a portrait of a society experiencing and exploring a new and evolving complexity with which one can represent – or misrepresent – one’s self online.

From the introduction by Nichi Hodgson

Oh, Tinder. If you were meant to ensure that nobody has to cry into a Deliveroo sag aloo-for-one of an evening, then you have succeeded gloriously. Instead, your acolytes leave tear tracks across their finger-printed bathroom mirrors. At intervals. In between cross-loading their Pornhub selections and San Sebastian selfies.

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