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Sacred Shanghai by Liz Hingley. First edition (2019). First impression small hardback in new condition. Signed by Liz Hingley to title page. No markings. This is a new book. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Sacred Shanghai

Sacred Shanghai explores the spaces, rituals and communities – in official, unofficial, public and private forms. That therefore weave together the spiritual fabric of China’s largest and most cosmopolitan city. So, after decades of suppression during the Mao era, China has been undergoing one of the great religious revivals of our time. As a result of the pace of development and globalisation, millions are turning to faith for meaning and hope in the alienating mega cities that now dominate Chinese life.

Shanghai has around 26 million inhabitants and is the tenth wealthiest city in the world. Which is Synonymous with consumerism, it is known for economic dynamism and architectural daring. Yet it is at the forefront of religious resurgence. The megalopolis is home to a multitude of religions from Buddhism and Islam, to Christianity and Baha’ism, to Hinduism and Daoism and many other alternative faiths, which are constantly growing and evolving. Providing the first thorough investigation of religious practices in a Chinese city, this multidisciplinary project was undertaken in collaboration with Professor Benoit Vermander of the Xu-Ricci Dialogue Institute at Fudan University and Liang Zhang of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.

‘Faith in China may be vulnerable, yet its unwavering importance is beyond doubt. Its very presence in people’s hearts makes it impossible to eradicate. More than economics or politics, it is these moments that are the new heart of China.’ Ian Johnson, from the introduction to Sacred Shanghai

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