The Idiots Delight

by Duane michals


The Idiots Delight by Duane Michals. First edition (2021). First impression. Large format hardback in new condition. No markings. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.  

About the Idiots Delight

The Idiots Delight presents a black and white photographic series built around proverbs and expressions. The accordion-like pages punctuate the book, plunging us through the pages into the absurd and comical universe of Duane Michals.

About Duane Michals

Duane Michals (b. 1932, McKeesport, PA) is one of the great photographic innovators of the last century, widely known for his work with series, multiple exposures, and text. Michals first made significant, creative strides in the field of photography during the 1960s. In an era heavily influenced by photojournalism, Michals manipulated the medium to communicate narratives. The sequences, for which he is widely known, appropriate cinema’s frame-by-frame format. Michals has also incorporated text as a key component in his works. Rather than serving a didactic or explanatory function, his handwritten text adds another dimension to the images’ meaning and gives voice to Michals’ singular musings, which are poetic, tragic, and humorous, often all at once. Over the past five decades, Michals’ work has been exhibited in the United States and abroad.

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