Maria Lax

Maria Lax is a London based photographer originally from a small town in Northern Finland. She is known for her use of colour and seamlessly blending reality and fantasy. Maria’s background in cinematography shines through in her strong use of lighting and experimental camera techniques. Her work has been exhibited worldwide and published in The Guardian, WIRED and The Financial Times among many others. She is one of the winners of British Journal Photography’s Female in Focus awards 2019, a finalist for PHMuseum Photography grant 2020 and the LensCulture Portrait Awards 2020. Maria is represented commercially by Stem Agency and Open Doors Gallery for print sales.

Some Kind of Heavenly Fire is Maria's debut photobook. First published by us, the first edition sold out very quickly, and now the second edition is very close to being gone too - so get it whilst you can. Browse all the options still for sale below, including print editions of the book.

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