005 - Dino Kuznik

by Dino kuznik


005 - Dino Kuznik. 48 Page softcover 21cm x 16cm book with card wraparound cover in an edition of 300 copies. 30 Copies Left This is the fifth in an ongoing collaboration with Open Doors Gallery publishing the work of emerging photographers. Click here to see the first publication by Luka Khabelashvili. Second publication by Margaret Durow - here. Third publication by Michael McCluskey - here. And, the fourth publication by Hollie Fernando - here.

About Dino

Dino Kuznik is a New York based photographer, originally from Slovenia, Europe. He uses photography as a medium to immortalize aesthetically unique scenes, which emphasize composition and colour. One of the key driving factors behind his personal work is solitude, state of mind - on only attainable after total immersion within the environment he works in. Experienced as a journalistic photographer, retoucher, and graphic designer of 7 years, he now mostly focuses on expanding his personal body of work and commercial projects ranging from artistic portraits, automotive, landscape, fashion, and documentary photography.

Photographer's Statement

The majority of my subject matter's motivation is rooted in the westernization of my home country in the 1990s. During that time, the goal was to forget Slovenias socialist past and make capitalism a success story. Growing up with American imagery and values on TV and in music and print, the American spirit was communicated through established symbols. This resulted in an attraction to the American symbolism, which I started incorporating into my photographic work when I moved to the so-called "land of the free." The dream was realized, but the realities were much different from those presented to me as a child.

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