013 - Delfina Carmona

by Delfina Carmona



48 Page softcover 21cm x 16cm book with card wraparound cover in an edition of 350 copies.

013 - Delfina Carmona is the thirteenth in an ongoing Bi-Monthly series publishing the work of emerging photographers.

Artist Statement 

"My work is both intimate and self-referential.

Each of my photos are like looking at a page from my diary. I take self-portraits as a way to know myself, express my ideas, feelings and thoughts. They are also an excuse to continue playing constantly, like when I was a child and I used to dress up, and play-acting in front of my bedroom mirror.

Even when I'm not there, at the centre of the photo, when there is only a composition with vibrating objects bathed by sunlight on the table, or a mysterious shadow stretching out to touch a flower, or a small nocturnal gesture that becomes sensual and somewhat dark; those moments captured are also me taking on other forms, letting myself go for an instant, playing with objects, colours, and light tirelessly, as a necessary exercise, like a small footprint or trace that I leave behind to find myself, like a visual compass so I don’t get lost on the way to wherever I’m going."

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