Childhood Days

by Issei suda




Childhood Days by Issei Suda. First edition (2015). First impression. Large hardcover in new condition. Edition limited to 600 copies. Signed and numbered (60/600) by Issei Suda on an ex-libris. There is a marking on the end pages of the overuse of glue in the binding process. No other markings. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please contact us.

About Childhood Days

Themed around “childhood days that every grown-up has once gone through” this collection of photographs, ranging from early efforts to recent works, includes numerous pictures that were never before published in a photo book.

I don’t believe that every person in the world yearns after his or her childhood. Every childhood has its times of grief and suffering. However, once our childhood days lie far behind us, and we find ourselves approaching the end of our life, I suppose we all remember our time as little kids with the same fondness that we’re now looking at our own children with.
– Afterword by Issei Suda

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