City: Book One

by John maclean



City: Book One by John MacLean. First edition (2009). First impression. Small format paperback in fine condition. Signed and numbered (166/800) by John MacLean to title page. No markings. Please see pictures. Any questions please get in touch.

About City: Book One

One of a series of photo books for British photographer John MacLean. City: Book 2 is an attempt to construct the artists’ ‘own city’ through photographs. The collection of photographs that follow below were taken by MacLean around the world, though there is little that intimates this multiplicity of location. The images share an abstract quality; amongst them, there is a repetition of graphic lines and openings, of windows used as secondary frames within the camera’s own, and of light utilized not to illuminate subjects, but to create silhouettes.

About John MacLean

John MacLean makes playfully serious, reflexive photographs. He is fascinated by the concepts that underpin photography. For this reason, he doesn’t shy away from his work being labelled, ‘photography about Photography’. However, he tries—whilst freely acknowledging the difficulty of the task—to make photographs that are also conducive to thinking about how we perceive the world, and our place within it. His primary method is to play against the pre-programmed nature of the camera. The misalignment between how the camera ‘sees’ (mechanically, optically) and how we see (psychologically) is considered fertile territory for his investigations.

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